[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 3.5

I released the new version 3.5 of jQuery Colorbox today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.


3.5 (2010-06-16)

  • NEW: Ukrainian translation by Yuri Kryzhanivskyi
  • NEW: Italian translation by Erkinson
  • NEW: Hebrew translation by Tommy Gordon
  • BUGFIX: URLs are now generated correctly for WP-MU installations
  • NEW: Added latest donations and top donations to settings page

[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 3.4

I released the new version 3.4 of jQuery Colorbox today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.


3.4 (2010-05-24)

  • NEW: Colorbox is not applied to image links that have the class “colorbox-off” any more. Useful for NextGEN users.
  • NEW: Dutch translation by Richard van Laak
  • NEW: Malay translation by Saha-ini Ahmad Safian
  • CHANGE: Added CSS id “colorboxLink” to link in Meta container.
  • CHANGE: Modar Soos updated the Arabic translation

[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 3.3

I released the new version 3.3 of jQuery Colorbox today. Check it out! :-)

Get it here.


3.3 (2010-05-05)

  • NEW: Belorussian translation by Marcis G.
  • NEW: Russian translation by Drive2Life.ru
  • BUGFIX: Screenshot for Theme#10 is now displayed correctly.
  • NEW: Added Theme#11, a modified version of Theme#1.
  • BUGFIX: Theme#7,9 and 11 will work in Internet Explorer 6 now.
  • CHANGE: Minified CSS and JavaScript
  • NEW: registered link to plugin page in WordPress Meta widget

[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 3.2

Today, I released a new version of my plugin. It is now working for NextGEN galleries! :-)

Get it here.


3.2 (2010-04-20)

  • NEW: Added theme#10, thx to Serhat Yolaçan for all the hard work! (CSS3 rounded edges, IE does not support that)
  • CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox plugin now adds necessary CSS class to all embedded images.
  • CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox plugin is now compatible to NextGEN Gallery
  • CHANGE: Vedran Jurincic updated the bosnian translation
  • NEW: Arabic translation by Modar Soos

[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 1.3.3

Gerade habe ich jQuery Colorbox 1.3.3 bei WordPress.org freigegeben.

I just uploaded jQuery Colorbox 1.3.3 to WordPress.org.

From the changelog:

  • CHANGE: fixed settings page, options can be saved now
  • NEW: added settings deletion on uninstall and “delete settings from database” functionality to settings page
  • CHANGE: moved adding of CSS class priority lower, hopefully now the CSS class is added to pictures after other plugins update the HTML
  • CHANGE: updated the FAQ

More information here.

Download here.