Tinytips Demo

This page demonstrates the use of the jQuery Tinytips plugin.

You can either set the plugin to automatically activate the Tinytips functionality for all links, or select the tinytips CSS class for individual links.

To manually activate jQuery Tinytips for a link, do the following:

Insert a link and select the Tinytips-class.

Set tinytip class
Set tinytip class

Demo link to Google with title attribute

Demo link to Google without title attribute

4 thoughts on “Tinytips Demo”

  1. hello, how can i use this with an image. I want to have a user roll over an image and see another image and i can’t seem to get it to work. I have WP 3.1.



  2. The tooltip is working great with linked text…but with an image, the tooltip covers up the image, making it impossible to click the linked image. Is there a way to overcome that? To position the tooltip above the image?


    1. Hi,
      yeah, I had to add the CSS style “display:block;” to the images on my site to make the popup appear above the images.

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