Multiple Images Demo

This is a page with multiple images on it. The images are just inserted using the WordPress editor.

All images are automatically grouped into a Colorbox group.

Colorbox multiple=
multiple images demo 1
Colorbox multiple=
multiple images demo 2
Multiple Images Demo 3
Colorbox multiple images demo 3

* Image source: Smashing Magazine

9 thoughts on “Multiple Images Demo”

  1. Is it possible to show only one image in a post, but when clicking on it, being able to browse through more than just one image? Perhaps by using the ‘attach images to post’ option?

  2. How would i go about using this plugin and doing the provided DIV fix above but having multiple galleries per post?

    1. Hi,
      the problem with multiple galleries in one post is that the plugin automatically adds them to one slideshow. You can avoid that by adding a CSS class yourself to the images. It doesn’t matter which number you use as long as every gallery has a distinct one (i.e. add the class “colorbox-1” to all images of the first gallery, add the class “colorbox-2” to all images of the second one)

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