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All In One Favicon adds favicons to your site and your admin pages.
You can either use favicons you already uploaded or use the builtin upload mechanism to upload a favicon to your WordPress installation.
All three favicon types are supported – .ico, .png and .gif (may be animated)
Also, Apple Touch Icons are supported.


Is your native language missing?
Translating the plugin is easy if you understand english and are fluent in another language.
I described in the FAQ how the translation works.


Settings Screenshot
Apple Touch Icon screenshot


Get the plugin from


Upgrading From A Previous Version

To upgrade from a previous version of this plugin, delete the entire folder and files from the previous version of the plugin and then follow the installation instructions below.

Installing The Plugin

Extract all files from the ZIP file, making sure to keep the file structure intact, and then upload it to `/wp-content/plugins/`. Then just visit your admin area and activate the plugin. That’s it!

Configuring The Plugin

Go to the settings page and choose one of the themes bundled with the plugin and other settings.
Do not forget to activate auto Colorbox if you want Colorbox to work for all images.

See Also: “Installing Plugins” article on the WP Codex

Frequently asked questions

  • Why is All In One Favicon not available in my language?

I speak German and English fluently, but unfortunately no other language well enough to do a translation.

Would you like to help? Translating the plugin is easy if you understand English and are fluent in another language.

  • How do I translate All In One Favicon?

Take a look at the WordPress site and identify your langyage code:

e.g. the language code for German is “de_DE”.

Step 1) download POEdit (

Step 2) download All In One Favicon (from your FTP or from

Step 3) copy the file localization/aio-favicon-en_EN.po and rename it. (in this case aio-favicon-de_DE.po)

Step 4) open the file with POEdit.

Step 5) translate all strings. Things like “{total}” or “%1$s” mean that a value will be inserted later.

Step 5a) The string that says “English translation by Arne …”, this is where you put your name, website (or email) and your language in. 😉

Step 5b) (optional) Go to POEdit -> Catalog -> Settings and enter your name, email, language code etc

Step 6) Save the file. Now you will see two files, aio-favicon-de_DE.po and

Step 7) Upload your files to your FTP server into the All In One Favicon directory (usually /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-favicon/)

Step 8 ) When you are sure that all translations are working correctly, send the po-file to me and I will put it into the next All In One Favicon version.

  • My question isn’t answered here. What do I do now?

Feel free to write an email to blog [at] or open a thread at the All In One Favicon forum.

I’ll include new FAQs in every new version. Promise.


4.1 (2012-11-17)

  • NEW: Hebrew translation by Ahrale
  • CHANGE: favicon URLs can be copy’n’pasted again
  • CHANGE: upload form only accepts files of type “image” now.
  • CHANGE: use plugins_url to make links HTTPS aware
  • CHANGE: Viliam Brozman updated the Slovak translation
  • CHANGE: Tunghsiao Liu updated the Simplified Chinese translation
  • BUGFIX: switch declaration of ‘NAME’ and ‘TEXTDOMAIN’

4.0 (2012-03-14)

  • NEW: Simplified Chinese translation by Tunghsiao Liu
  • NEW: Czech translation by Neteyes
  • NEW: French translation by Christophe Guilloux
  • NEW: Slovak translation by Viliam Brozman
  • NEW: Serbian translation by Balkanboy Media team
  • NEW: Dutch translation by Pieter Carette
  • NEW: Option to not add reflective shine to Apple Touch Icons
  • CHANGE: uploaded favicons can be deleted
  • CHANGE: new upload buttons, uploading of favicons is now much easier
  • CHANGE: uploaded favicons are now shown on settings page
  • CHANGE: fixed link to Apple Touch Icon howto
  • CHANGE: Major refactoring, hopefully speeds up frontend and backend rendering

3.1 (2011-01-16)

  • CHANGE: made plugin compatible to PHP4

3.0 (2011-01-15)

  • NEW: Added option to remove link from meta box.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the plugin would break WordPress 3.0 with Multisite enabled.
  • NEW: Added latest donations and top donations to settings page
  • NEW: Danish translation by GeorgWP
  • NEW: Bahasa Indonesia translation by EKO
  • NEW: Polish translation by Piotr Czarnecki
  • NEW: Swedish translation by Christian Nilsson
  • NEW: Italian translation by Valerio Vendrame
  • NEW: Spanish translation by Juan Pablo Pérez Manes

2.1 (2010-06-06)

  • BUGFIX: Fixing bug where favicons would not be displayed in certain cases.

2.0 (2010-06-03)

  • NEW: now supports Apple Touch Icons for backend and frontend
  • NEW: more links to websites containing information.

1.0 (2010-05-06)

  • NEW: Initial release.

30 thoughts on “All In One Favicon”

  1. Hi,
    I just used your plugin by automatic insertion of the URL of my desired png favicon but, clicked save but for some reason it doesn’t work. The png was saved in my wp media gallery
    How long does it take for it to show up? Or, what have I done wrong?

    1. Hi,
      the favicon on your site works, so you seem to have solved the problem on your own?

  2. Hi Arne,

    two quick comments:

    1. “I.e. the language code for German is “de_DE”.”
    I’m pretty sure that should be “E.g.” = “For example”, rather than “That is the language code for German is “de_DE”.”

    2. The WP plugin directory has v3.1, but claims: “Last Updated: 2010-6-6”.

    I’m just trying and starting my (blog+proofreading) site.
    I’m definitely glad to find so many helpful people around.
    I spend nearly 2 weeks on WP.COM, until I switched. Over there, I ran into lots of issues without an easy fix, major one: German translation and their awkward translation system.

    Anyway, 2 days ago I got into poedit and just did my own theme translation 😉


    Thomas Hanke

          1. The default value for nested comment levels in WordPress is 5.
            I guess my theme would work with more nested levels, but I would have adjust the width for that 😉

  3. This plugin doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve tried uploading my png file into the front end and back end. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Brian,
      sorry for answering this late.
      The favicon isn’t added to your site. Could you send me a screenshot of your settings via email?

  4. Hi

    I have uploaded my Favicon to my WP site, it was a ICO but got uploaded and became a GIF?

    Anyway, I’ve inserted the URL into both the ICO and GIF parts for Backend AND Frontend, however it doesn’t seem to be showing up.

    Is there a lag time?

    Thankyou so much in advance.



    1. Hi Andrew,
      I can’t take a look at the backend of your blog, but in the frontend, I can only see a PNG linked as the favicon which works fine in Firefox and Chrome. (Internet Explorer ignores all Favicon types but .ico)

  5. Thanks for an easy to use plugin. I especially like that you can use png files.

    I was using a different favicon plugin that required converting an image file to an icon file and then uploading via ftp to my site. I think I put the favicon.ico file in at least a dozen locations and yet the favicon would disappear or corrupt.

    Hound Dogs dRule

  6. Thank you for the easy to use plugin. For some reason it is not working in IE8, I tried looking through the documentation to make sure you had not mentioned this before, please excuse me if I missed it. Can you help or send me to the right place?

    1. Hi,
      unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not able to display gif or png favicons.
      Depending on the IE version, it may be possible that a favicon is only displayed if it’s present in the root directory where your domain redirects to, e.g. “”.

  7. Hi, I installed the plugin, but I don’t have the ‘Settings’ option, only Deactivate and Edit.
    Could you help me please!

    1. Hi,
      the Settings page is located in the settings category in the WordPress menu.

    1. Hi,
      thanks for using one of my plugins.
      You mean the blog template? I made it myself, just for this blog.

  8. I just wanted to say thank you. I use Atahualpa and have tried and tried to add a favicon. No luck. I use your plug-in and add my favicon and it appears instantly. Your plug-in is so easy and simple. You are awesome! :)

  9. I just want to tell you that all in one favicon is an excellent plugin. Prior to downloading this plugin I actually hired someone to install favicons on my websites because every tutorial i read about it sounded so complicated. Add this to the html folder etc., etc., Now I can do it myself by just uploading a pic and it comes out clear with excellent quality. Thank you.

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