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[How To] Load Javascript in WordPress

If your or theme uses , it is essential to know how to include it so that you don’t break other libraries or plugins/ that use JavaScript.

The straight forward way to load JavaScript is of course to embed a script tag with the JS file as a src attribute:

<script src="my-plugin/js/.js"></script>

Of course you can load your own custom JavaScript that way, but don’t do that if you are loading a JavaScript library! Check the list of JavaScript libraries supplied by WordPress. Do not include a library with your theme/plugin if WordPress already brings it along!!!

WordPress offers a nice and easy way to load JavaScript libraries, the wp_enqueue_script() function. If you are including a JavaScript file that depends on e.g. jQuery, you can just tell WordPress and it will load jQuery for you!

Example from my jQuery Colorbox plugin:

wp_enqueue_script('colorbox', plugins_url('js/jquery.colorbox-min.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), '1.3.6');

I tell WordPress to load the Colorbox JavaScript library that depends on jQuery. WordPress makes sure that the jQuery library is loaded before my JavaScript is loaded so everything will work as expected.

wp_enqueue_script description @ WordPress
JavaScript libraries supplied by WordPress

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[development] jQuery cheat sheets

It is always difficult to remember the syntax of APIs. This is where cheat sheets come in handy.

These are three cheat sheets that I found on the web:

Future jQuery cheatsheet

Future jQuery 1.4

(by jQuery cheatsheet jQuery 1.4 cheatsheet

(by jQuery 1.3 cheatsheet jQuery 1.3 cheatsheet


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[development] Increase your jQuery performance

Giulio Bai took the time to sum up ten things to do to speed up performance.

Read the post here.

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