[jmeter] Update: jmeter-maven-plugin 1.4.1

We released a new version of the jmeter-maven-plugin today. Check it out!


  • issue #34 – plugin now uses the jmeter.exit.check.pause set in the final jmeter.properties used by the plugin and is no longer hard coded to 2000.
  • issue #37 – plugin now uses a listener instead of scanning log files to work out when test has completed.

JMeter Maven Plugin official website
JMeter Maven Plugin @ Github

[jmeter] Update: jmeter-maven-plugin 1.4

I joined development of the unofficial jmeter-maven-plugin about a year ago.

Now, we have released version 1.4 which is compatible with JMeter 2.6.
We rewrote big parts of the plugin and changed most of the configuration parameters.


  • New group.id com.lazerycode.jmeter
  • New artifact.id jmeter-maven-plugin
  • Depends on the official Apache JMeter 2.6 artifacts (now available at repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/apache/jmeter/)
  • Incompatible configuration element changes
    • Custom property file locations cannnot be configured directly any more, they have to be put into src/test/jmeter/
    • Renamed/moved properties:
      • includes -> testFilesIncluded
      • excludes -> testFilesExcluded
      • srcDir -> testFilesDirectory
      • enableReports -> reportConfig->enable
      • reportDir -> reportConfig->outputDirectory
      • reportPostfix -> reportConfig->postfix
      • reportXslt -> reportConfig->xsltFile
      • jmeterIgnoreFailure -> ignoreResultFailures
      • jmeterIgnoreError -> ignoreResultErrors
      • jmeterUserProperties -> propertiesUser
      • jmeterDefaultPropertiesFile -> propertiesJMeter
  • New properties
    • proxyConfig->host, proxyConfig->port, proxyConfig->username, proxyConfig->password, proxyConfig->nonProxyHosts – used to configure a proxy used by JMeter
    • suppressJMeterOutput(Default: true) – suppress JMeter output to standard out.
    • remoteConfig->start, remoteConfig->stop, remoteConfig->startAll, remoteConfig->startAndStopOnce – used to configure handling of remote testing.
    • testResultsTimestamp(Default: true) – enable/disable timestamping of the results filename(s).

JMeter Maven Plugin official website
JMeter Maven Plugin @ Github

[plugins] Update: jQuery Colorbox 4.2

I released the new version 4.2 of jQuery Colorbox today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.
If you have any problems, then please report them at the WordPress Support Forum


4.2 (2011-10-16)

  • NEW: Danish translation by Michael Bering Petersen
  • NEW: Vietnamese translation by Techfacts Computer Magazin
  • NEW: added option to remove the link to the developers site from the WordPress meta-box.
  • BUGFIX: “Automate Colorbox for all other images” now again works as intended. (functionality broke in 4.1)
  • BUGFIX: fixes “Undefined index: colorboxAddClassToLinks” error
  • BUGFIX: got rid of PHP’s XML-RPC methods, also plugin checks now before calling XML-related methods.
  • CHANGE: Updated Colorbox version to 1.3.18


[plugins] jQuery Colorbox temporarily not available on WordPress.org

Unfortunately, my plugin is currently not available at WordPress.org. I can still see the plugin page when logged in to WordPress.org though.

I have already mailed their support, but they haven’t answered yet. I’ll try to release a new version over the weekend to see whether the plugin is available again after that.

[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 4.1

I released the new version 4.1 of jQuery Colorbox today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.
If you have any problems, then please report them at the WordPress Support Forum


4.1 (2011-06-25)

  • NEW: Plugin is compatible to WordPress 3.2
  • NEW: Polish translation by Kornel Łysikowski
  • NEW: Finnish translation by Lauri Merisaari
  • NEW: Simplified Chinese translation by Lucas Ho
  • BUGFIX: Plugin will only select links with class “colorbox-link”, no other HTML tags.
  • BUGFIX: JavaScript will work with jQuery 1.6 now
  • BUGFIX: loading inline content does not trigger loading an iframe any more.
  • BUGFIX: regex for IMG tag works correctly now.
  • CHANGE: Update of Colorbox library to version
  • CHANGE: JavaScript now ignores links that do not have the optional “href” attribute.
  • CHANGE: Links from images to non-images are now opened in a Colorbox.
  • CHANGE: Moved bulk of JavaScript from inline to file, consolidated files
  • CHANGE: Additional option for adding colorbox class to images outside of posts and pages.
  • CHANGE: Major refactoring, hopefully speeds up frontend and backend rendering
  • CHANGE: Render Meta-Tag with plugin version into blog header instead of comments
  • CHANGE: French translation updated by Pierre Sudarovich


[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 4.0

I released the new version 4.0 of jQuery Colorbox today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.


4.0 (2011-04-17)

  • CHANGE: Restructured settings page
  • CHANGE: plugin again compatible to PHP4.
  • CHANGE: Update of Colorbox library to version 1.3.16
  • CHANGE: jQuery calls won’t break other JavaScript libraries like Prototype or Scriptaculous any more
  • NEW: set width and height for Colorbox links once separate from the Colorbox setting for images
  • NEW: inline HTML content can now be loaded in the Colorbox.
  • NEW: Latvian translation by Uldis Jansons
  • CHANGE: Modar Soos updated the Arabic translation
  • CHANGE: Joao Netto updated the Portuguese translation
  • CHANGE: Arkadiy Florinskiy updated the Russian translation
  • CHANGE: made plugin compatible to the “smugmug” plugin.
  • CHANGE: moved Colorbox CSS class add to style dropdown of TinyMCE