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[plugins] Update: All In One Favicon 4.0

I released the new version 4.0 of today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.
If you have any problems, then please report them at the WordPress Support Forum.


4.0 (2012-03-14)

  • NEW: Simplified Chinese translation by Tunghsiao Liu
  • NEW: Czech translation by Neteyes
  • NEW: French translation by Christophe Guilloux
  • NEW: Slovak translation by Viliam Brozman
  • NEW: Serbian translation by Balkanboy Media team
  • NEW: Dutch translation by Pieter Carette
  • NEW: Option to not add reflective shine to Apple Touch Icons
  • CHANGE: uploaded favicons can be deleted
  • CHANGE: new upload buttons, uploading of favicons is now much easier
  • CHANGE: uploaded favicons are now shown on settings page
  • CHANGE: fixed link to Apple Touch Icon howto
  • CHANGE: Major refactoring, hopefully speeds up frontend and backend rendering


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[plugins] Update: jQuery Colorbox 4.3

I released the new version 4.3 of  today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.
If you have any problems, then please report them at the WordPress Support Forum


4.3 (2012-03-12)

  • NEW: Romanian translation by Luke Tyler
  • CHANGE: Ukrainian translation updated by Jurko Chervony
  • CHANGE: to Colorbox 1.3.19
  • CHANGE: gracefully add CSS style “colorbox-link” to TinyMCE style dropdown
  • CHANGE: use plugins_url to make links HTTPS aware
  • CHANGE: increase z-index of Colorbox and overlay to 99999 since Twentyeleven has a Header z-index of 9999
  • CHANGE: removing meta tag from header since it’s not HTML5 compatible
  • CHANGE: pulled all links to company sites of translators on request by staff
  • CHANGE: successfully tested with WordPress 3.3
  • CHANGE: name now translatable
  • CHANGE: Defaults are now used if JavaScript options can’t be set because of JavaScript minimizers
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[jmeter] Update: jmeter-maven-plugin 1.4.1

We released a new version of the -- today. Check it out!


  • issue #34 – plugin now uses the jmeter.exit.check.pause set in the final used by the plugin and is no longer hard coded to 2000.
  • issue #37 – plugin now uses a listener instead of scanning log files to work out when test has completed.

JMeter Maven Plugin official website
JMeter Maven Plugin @ Github

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