[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 4.0

I released the new version 4.0 of jQuery Colorbox today. Check it out :-)

Get it here.


4.0 (2011-04-17)

  • CHANGE: Restructured settings page
  • CHANGE: plugin again compatible to PHP4.
  • CHANGE: Update of Colorbox library to version 1.3.16
  • CHANGE: jQuery calls won’t break other JavaScript libraries like Prototype or Scriptaculous any more
  • NEW: set width and height for Colorbox links once separate from the Colorbox setting for images
  • NEW: inline HTML content can now be loaded in the Colorbox.
  • NEW: Latvian translation by Uldis Jansons
  • CHANGE: Modar Soos updated the Arabic translation
  • CHANGE: Joao Netto updated the Portuguese translation
  • CHANGE: Arkadiy Florinskiy updated the Russian translation
  • CHANGE: made plugin compatible to the “smugmug” plugin.
  • CHANGE: moved Colorbox CSS class add to style dropdown of TinyMCE


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