2 thoughts on “[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 3.6”

  1. Hello, I like your plugin, but have a question, why is it not possible to only apply this plugin to pictures, not galleries, the same way I can chose to use it to all pictures or only galleries.

    Or, will there be a function to chose which pages to apply this function to?

    Great plugin otherwise!

    1. Hi,

      1) that is a good question. I guess I never thought that someone would want to add the colorbox effect for all images but the galleries… This is a change I could easily put into the plugin, but all translations would need to be updated.
      So this is one for the 4.0, where I need new translations anyway.

      2) I already thought about something like that. If you have single images that you don’t want to be opened in colorbox, you can apply the CSS class “colorbox-off”. If you would want to do that on a post/page basis, I would have to implement something.
      But it would raise additional questions that some would answer differently: is the switch an “on” or “off” switch? And what is the default setting?


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