[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 3.1

Today, I released a new version of my plugin.

Get it here.


3.1 (2010-04-10)

  • BUGFIX: Automatic hiding of embedded flash objects under Colorbox layer now works in Internet Explorer.
  • NEW: Added theme#9, a modified version of theme#4.
  • NEW: French translation by Tolingo Translations
  • NEW: If auto colorbox is switched on, plugin now adds Colorbox functionality to every image regardless of position
  • CHANGE: Serhat Yolaçan updated the turkish translation.

8 thoughts on “[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 3.1”

    1. Hi Nosy,

      the plugin only groups images that have the same “colorbox-…” CSS class. I don’t use the “rel” tag for grouping.
      Since the images are not embedded in a page or a post, the plugin can’t add the usual “colorbox-postId/pageId” class (e.g. “colorbox-123”) and adds the class “colorbox-manual” instead.
      Images with the class “colorbox-manual” are not grouped (since the images could be in the header or the sidebar or somewhere else)
      Could you try adding the CSS class manually to the images? The page seems to have the Id 742, so the appropriate class would be “colorbox-742”

      You do realize that a wordpress gallery looks almost the same and the plugin then works out of the box?
      WordPress Gallery Demo

      Best regards,

      1. Hello Arne,

        thanks for the quick reply.
        I know still the gallery looks not very cool.
        In the end it will have about 600 pictures sorted by year. Each year has its own directory and is a seperate gallery.
        Pictures to each gallery can be added by simply uploading and rescanning the directory.
        After that with ngg custom fields we are able to enter description of the picture in 3 language in a comfortable user interface.
        Thats why I took nextgen gallery.
        See, I do not do this for myself but for a friend and she has to be able to work with it quickly (probably otherwise the page will not be updated 😉 ).

        Putting the PageID in works perfectly.
        Before I used colorbox-manual but it still does not work in the new version. But with the page id in it is great.

        Thank you,


      2. Hey again,

        the new version introduces a new problem: it only lets me use theme 4, no matter what i change the theme to it is still theme 4.
        I will try to put the controls a line below the description because otherwise when I have a small width picture with long description it will overlap with the controls.


        1. Hi Nosy,
          so does the new version work for you? I plan to release it early next week, with an additional theme.
          Best regards,

          1. Hello Arne,

            yes version 3.2 works perfectly for me. :)
            I think it even worked before it was only a usage problem on my side.
            Good plugin. Thank you.


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