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I just uploaded version 2.0 of my jQuery Colorbox plugin to wordpress.org. :-)

I decided to move to 2.0 because the list of changes is much longer than I expected for version 1.4. And more features are to come in 2.1!

Get it here

If you have any questions, feel free to write an email to blog [at] techotronic.de or write an entry in the jQuery Colorbox WordPress.org forums.


2.0 (2010-02-11)

  • NEW: Decided to move from 1.3.3 to 2.0 because I implemented many new features.
  • BUGFIX: fixed relative paths for theme1 and theme4 by adding the CSS for the Internet Explorer workaround directly into the page. Thx to Andrew Radke for the suggestion!
  • NEW: switch adding of “colorbox-postId” classes to images in posts and pages on and off through setting. Default: off.
  • NEW: now works for images outside of posts (e.g. sidebar or header) if CSS class “colorbox-manual” is added manually
  • NEW: jQuery Colorbox now working for WordPress attachment pages
  • NEW: Added switch that adds slideshow functionality to all Colorbox groups. (no way to add slideshows individually yet)
  • NEW: Added switch that adds automatic start to slideshows (no way to add slideshows individually yet)
  • NEW: Added configuration of slideshow speed
  • NEW: Added switch that allows the user to decide whether Colorbox scales images
  • NEW: Added demos of the plugin on the plugin page
  • NEW: Added configuration for adding colorbox class only to WordPress galleries
  • NEW: Automatically resets settings if settings of a version prior to 1.4 are found upon activation
  • NEW: width and height can now be configured as percent relative to browser window size or in pixels (default is percent)
  • CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox is now only working on Image links (of type jpeg, jpg, gif, png, bmp)
  • CHANGE: Improved translation. Thx to Fabian Wolf for the help!
  • CHANGE: updated the FAQ
  • CHANGE: Updated readme.
  • CHANGE: Updated descriptions and translations

11 thoughts on “[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 2.0”

  1. Hello. I like your plugin. I will translate your plugin to turkish and i want to say something.

    1) If you add option Transition Type (Can be set to “elastic”, “fade”, or “none” at colorbox)

    2) Resize speed. Its the control of elastic or fade effect in miliseconds.

    3) Overlay Opacity: This is the most important. We must control overlay opacity like %80…

    4) Pre-load option: For groupped images…

    5) Overlay close option with checkbox

    6) Keyboard shortcuts. ( like wp-slimbox2 plugin[i didnt like it])

    7) color picker in admin area maybe for overlay or background color selecting.

    If you add this options to your plugin. This may like wordpress :)))

    Anyways thank you…

    1. Hi Serhat,
      thanks for your interest in my plugin.
      Do you know how to translate the plugin? I thought about doing a how-to post (in English of course 😉 ) on how to do it soon.

      ad 1-5: I planned to make all Colorbox-features available in 2.0, didn’t get around to doing all of them. It should be easy to add those features in a future version. (I plan to release it in a few weeks)

      ad 6: thanks for the pointer, I will take a look at the plugin and into “borrowing” the keyboard shortcuts if it is feasible to implement them using Colorbox.

      ad 7: maybe I could put together a sixth theme with a background chooser, I’ll have to look into that.

      Best regards,

      1. Yay. I’ve checked new version. It goes perfect. I’ve translated lots of theme and plugin before. I will send it to you.

        But i got a little problem. How we can add nextgen gallery support on posts/pages and sidebar?

        colorbox works on all post images but now works when i am using [gallery=2] and sidebar gallery..

      2. I’ve sent you turkish po and mo files to blog [at] techotronic.de. When you release new version. I will update language files. Thank you again.

        Serhat Yolaçan

    1. I took a look at the plugin. The newest version is not free, so I tested version 3.1.
      The Colorbox has a weird layout (nothing that I deliver with my plugin, no Idea where it’s coming from) on posts where comments are displayed, but I get no errors.

  2. Thanks so much for this plugin! I’m trying to implement it with the ecommerce plugin and am interested in making some edits to the display box. I’d like to pull a description, a “buy now” button, and a link to the product page beside the image. Can you give me some ideas on the best way to implement this?


  3. Hello,

    great. Since the new version the colorbox even works inside nextgen gallery like charme.
    I only have one more problem:
    how can I have the next and previous-buttons? I have enabled this in the config and gave every image the same rel-tag so I expect them to be in one group and to see a next-button but it doesnt work.
    Do you have any ideas? Here is the test page.



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