[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 1.4 Release Candidate 3

I just published a new development version of the plugin. The Release Candidate 3.
Release date will be later this week or early next week.

If you have the time to test the plugin and give feedback, it would be much appreciated.

Download here

1.4-RC3 (2010-02-06)

  • NEW: Added configuration of slideshow speed
  • NEW: Added switch that allows the user to decide whether Colorbox scales images
  • BUGFIX: fixed bug where scaling of images would not work correctly
  • CHANGE: updated descriptions on settings page
  • CHANGE: updated translation

3 thoughts on “[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 1.4 Release Candidate 3”

  1. I had some problems, BUT 😀 after installing jQuery Colorbox 1.4 Release Candidate 3, most problems are gone because I can disable “Automate jQuery Colorbox” in options panel now. I don’t want it everywhere on my site.

    BUT!! how can I add class=”colorbox-ID” to wordpress gallery’s generated by the [Gallery] Shortcode?!

    I have different galleries on different pages and I’m doing them directly in a template:

    1. Hi,
      thanks for testing the Release Candidate.
      I will update the plugin soon, then you can configure to add the colorbox-class only to WordPress galleries.\
      Best regards,

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