[plugin] jQuery Colorbox 1.4 beta

I just published a new development version of the plugin. Release date will be later this week or early next week.

If you have the time to test the plugin and give feedback, it would be much appreciated.

Download here

from the changelog:

1.4 (2010-02-07)

  • NEW: switch adding of “colorbox-postId” classes to images in posts and pages on and off through setting. Default: off.
  • NEW: now works for images outside of posts (e.g. sidebar or header) if CSS class “colorbox-manual” is added manually
  • NEW: jQuery Colorbox now working for WordPress attachment pages
  • CHANGE: fixed relative paths for theme1 and theme4 Internet Explorer workaround. If those themes are still not working for you (no borders around the images) then take a look at the FAQ. Thx to Andrew Radke for the bug report!
  • CHANGE: jQuery Colorbox is now only working on Image links (of type jpeg, jpg, gif, png)
  • CHANGE: Improved translation (thx to Fabian Wolf for that)
  • CHANGE: updated the FAQ

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