[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 1.3.3

Gerade habe ich jQuery Colorbox 1.3.3 bei WordPress.org freigegeben.

I just uploaded jQuery Colorbox 1.3.3 to WordPress.org.

From the changelog:

  • CHANGE: fixed settings page, options can be saved now
  • NEW: added settings deletion on uninstall and “delete settings from database” functionality to settings page
  • CHANGE: moved adding of CSS class priority lower, hopefully now the CSS class is added to pictures after other plugins update the HTML
  • CHANGE: updated the FAQ

More information here.

Download here.

2 thoughts on “[plugins] jQuery Colorbox 1.3.3”

  1. What’s missing: The labels of ColorBox itself are NOT translated. But it’s dead simple to do so (as you could read up in the ColorBox docs)

    I’ve added the following data to the ColorBox startup call:

    close:"<?php _e( 'close', 'jquery-colorbox' ); ?>",
    next:"<?php _e( 'next', 'jquery-colorbox' ); ?>",
    previous:"<?php _e( 'previous', 'jquery-colorbox' ); ?>",
    slideshowStart:"<?php _e( 'start slideshow', 'jquery-colorbox' ); ?>",
    slideshowStop:"<?php _e( 'stop slideshow', 'jquery-colorbox' ); ?>",
    current:"<?php _e( '{current} of {total} images', 'jquery-colorbox' ); ?>"

    Of course, we have to add these lines to the language files, too (I already did, thou).

    cu, w0lf.

    1. wow, cool, thanks for your contribution!
      I’ll include your translations in the next version of the jQuery Colorbox plugin! :-)

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